Windows DLL and Visual Basic Interfacing
If you are using Visual BASIC 5.0 or above, see the IRDLL32 page for a version and sample headers to use with your version.

A DLL allowing you to use the CIR under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 is available. It should be possible to interface this DLL with your own Windows applications in no time flat!

DL IRDLL.ZIP (25K HTTP transfer)

This file contains the source code for the DLL and a Windows sample application utilizing it. Obviously I also include the compiled IRDLL.DLL and IRDLL.H files.

There are only 3 functions in the DLL:

IRSetPort( pport number 1 or 2 )
IRRecord( buffer, max length )
IRPlay( buffer, length )

All you need to do in your program is load the IR sample and call the appropriate function!

Visual BASIC Interfacing

Thanks to Tim Dillen ( - attn:Tim) there is now some sample code for interfacing the Windows DLL with Visual BASIC 4.0. It currently only works for 16-bit applications, but it's better than nothing. Here is the sample code.


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