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After completing this project I did a search for sites containing IR related projects on the internet. It turns out that there are quite a few other designs available, but nobody else is silly enough to record and synthesize the actual IR stream via computer! So if this project is just too simple and cheap for you, why not check out the following:
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
Tomi Engdahl's Electrical Info Page

IrDA is the hardware used by laptop and some desktop machines for communicating using a high speed serial infrared link. It's not related to the CIR except for the fact that it uses infrared, and solves many problems the CIR doesn't even attempt to touch, such as networking, bidirectional communications, and error correction.

If you want to use your laptop IrDA port as an (expensive) remote control, check out the following shareware application from a fellow in Japan:

Here are some starting points to learn more about IrDA:

Infrared Data Association
IrDA Serial Infrared Interface Technology Page

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