Usage and Software
It's easy to use your newly constructed CIR after you download the following software:

DL  POWERIR.ZIP (29K HTTP transfer)

Decompress and run the included application. Get your CIR ready by plugging it into the parallel port and connecting the 9V battery. To record select the record menu option, point the remote at the CIR, holding it about 1" away from the phototransistor, and pressing a button to record. To playback point the CIR's LEDs at the device you're attempting to operate and select the playback menu option.

The software is capable of taking a binary stream and determining the carrier frequency, and with this information it can decompose the binary IR signal into a series of "on-carrier"/"off-carrier" time frames, and write this information to a human readable text file. These files are as follows:

# This is a header, added by user for clarity # Broksonic VCR - Key: 5 CARRIER 38000 1:3600 uSec 0:3600 uSec 1:800 uSec 0:1600 uSec ...

For this example, the carrier is 38kHz and there is an initial "on-carrier" of 3.6ms, followed by a lack of carrier, "off-carrier," for 3.6ms, and the carrier goes back on for .8ms after that, etc.

This is not the actual binary code your remote is transmitting There are just so many different ways of coding "1"s and "0"s that it's not possible to extract that information, at least not without me having a ton of work to do! However, if you read up on IR codes you should be able to decode the on and off periods into your individual remote's bits, and use this as a starting point exploring new codes.


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